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Research Experience


MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA

Advisors: Hazhir Rahmandad, John Sterman, and Rogelio Oliva
Focusing on Behavioral Operations Management, specifically modeling systems in which upstream decision making with imperfect information has long-term consequences, often beyond the attention span of the original decision maker. Examples include an extended view of product life-cycle management that stretches from initial concept to final product disposition. (August 2018-Present)


GE-Hitachi & Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF)
Wilmington, NC

Bulk Isotope Generation Process Engineer.
Developed new procedures for the production of specific irradiated isotope parent/daughter pairs in light water reactors for medical applications resulting in three US and European patent applications. Solely responsible for the development of material and research within the process lab. (May – August 2008)


Teaching Experience

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MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA

Most recent Overall Teaching Rating: 6.8/7.0
Full MIT Teaching Evaluation History available here

Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program
KTCP is an interactive workshop series intended for late-program graduate students and postdocs interested in academic careers or developing skills to support their teaching at MIT. Sessions focus on evidence-based teaching techniques grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Topics include designing a course, preparing a lesson plan, assessing and providing feedback to students, creating an effective and welcoming classroom climate, along with others.
(Spring 2021)

MIT OpenCourseWare
Developed and taught a one-day workshop that provided a brief overview of system dynamics and a hands-on simulation experience. It also serves as a preview of the more in-depth coverage of the subject available in other courses offered at MIT Sloan. Available under a Creative Commons license as part of MIT's online OpenCourseWare system as course number RES.15-004.
(Janurary IAP 2020)

15.871: Introduction to System Dynamics
15.873: System Dynamics for Business and Policy
15.8731: System Dynamics: Tools for Solving Complex Problems
Teaching Assistant

Under the supervision of Dr. Hazhir Rahmandad. Managed student and grading logistics in a series of partially overlapping courses consisting of 100+ students, mixed between undergraduates, graduates, and professional backgrounds. Maintained, developed, and expanded on the MITx Edge-based online assignment platform, graded individual and group homeworks, and helped with weekly office hours. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, managed students during the class in a hybrid environment, managing student questions both in-person and online while endeavoring to ensure a high-quality experience independent of learning channel.
​(Fall 2020, Fall 2021)        

15.768: Management of Service Operations, Teaching Assistant
Under the supervision of Dr. Zeynep Ton. Managed course announcements, grading, and participation of a course with 150+ students. Recorded student comments during case-based discussions for later assessment. Graded homework and project responses both at an individual and team level. Addressed individual students’ questions and needs.
(Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Fall 2020)


Asia School of Business
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

System Dynamics: Tools for Solving Complex Problems, Teaching Assistant
Under the supervision of Dr. Hazhir Rahmandad. Assisted with student and grade management in an intensive, two week long, immersion course as part of the MBA program at ASB in collaboration with MIT Sloan. Utilizing online platforms, provided feedback to student questions during lectures, helped with regular office hours coordintated across multiple timezones, and graded the individual and team submissions of approximately 50 students located around the world. Additionally ported and updated the edX Edge learning platform materials from the main MIT course for use in this accelerated course.
(February 2021)


Inmar – Intelligent Commerce Networks
Winston Salem, NC

Lean Six Sigma, Course Developer and Instructor
Taught, improved upon, and supported a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification class and developed a trial Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course that focused on both internal company and wider community participants (May 2013-June 2015).


University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

ECH3264: Elementary Transport Phenomenon, Teaching Assistant
Under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer S. Curtis and Dr. Aravind Asthagiri. Managed the implementation of Fluent, Inc FlowLab 1.2.14, an academic fluid modeling program, in a classroom setting. Created and implemented improvements to the templates of FlowLab and associated homework assignments. Provided academic and technical assistance and graded the submissions of a class of 20+ students. (August 2007-May 2009)