Publications and Presentations



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Taylor, L and Paine, J (2019). Organizational Poverty in Poverty Organizations. Presentation of research presented at the System Dynamics Seminar Series, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA.

Paine, J. (2018). What keeps nonprofits from investing in capacity? Presentation of research presented at The 37th Annual System Dynamics PhD Colloquium, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA.

Paine, J., Vare, M., Wirtter, D, Green Recalls – White Paper written for Inmar Intelligent Commerce Networks, forming the basis for a presentation at the 2013 Inmar Analytics Forum in Winston-Salem, NC given by Doug Witter and Mark Vare



System Dynamics: Systems Modeling and Thinking for a Complex World
January 13th, 2020
MIT Independent Activities Period seminar, held in Cambridge, MA
This IAP session provided a brief overview of System Dynamics via a presentation and also a hands-on simulation experience, the Fishbanks. It acted as a preview of the more in-depth coverage available in courses offered at MIT Sloan (such as 15.871, 15.872, 15.873).
Supporting Resources:
  • Link to the IAP listing can be found here.
  • Link to the supporting slides and materials
  • Link to the full recording (must have MIT Kerberos login) can be found here.
If you do not have a MIT Kerberos login, a video of the presentation is embedded below (note that the middle hour is the playing of the Fishbanks simulation. The debrief starts at approximately 2:21:45 in the video below).