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Working Papers and Works-in-Progress


Paine, J. (2022). Simpler is (Sometimes) Better: A Comparison of Cost Reducing Agent Architectures in a Simulated Behaviorally-Driven Multi-Echelon Supply Chain. Work-in-Progress.

Paine, J. (2022). Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic: A Simulation Model of Behavioral Resource Utilization Under Crisis. Work-in-Progress.

Paine, J. (2022). Behaviorally Grounded Model-Based and Model Free Cost Reduction in a Simulated Multi-Echelon Supply Chain. Working Paper.

Lopez, J. and Paine, J. The Evolution of Trust in Supply Chains: A Feedback Approach. Working paper. Current write-up and supporting models

Paine, J (June 6, 2022). Applying an Endogenized PID Controller Design to Speculative Bubble Formation. Working Paper. Video summary: